Kunar is Sanmran hot sauce, the ingredient that rivals saiha as Sanmra's signature food. It is made from a fermented mixture of vinegar, chili peppers, and mustard seed. Other ingredients such as black pepper, onions, and garlic are common additives. Kunar is frequently added to morning and midday dishes either as a condiment or mixed into soup, stirfry, etc.


Kunar began as a mustard-based sauce with black pepper, vinegar, and garlic for additional intensity. However, after chili peppers were introduced to Sanmra in the 1400s, they quickly became a popular flavor, starting in American enclaves but spreading to Asian enclaves within the century.


Every enclave and family in Sanmra has their own unique kunar recipe. Asian enclaves, particularly the small, isolated ones, tend to focus on more traditional mustard flavors, while American enclaves place more emphasis on chili peppers and straight heat. It is common to add kunar to other sauces, such as to add heat to yad. In southern/western American enclaves, salsa-inspired kunar (or salsa-kunar mixes) are common.