Dosui ni Arimo

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Dosui ni Arimo, or the Crows' Nest, is a large manor located in the Inner Ring of Elten. It is one of the primary residences of the Kaorn family. Rather than housing a single branch of the family, the manor traditionally has served as home and temporary lodging of any family member (or, on occasion, associated family member) who serves in federal government or oversees family business in Elten. As such, its inhabitants tend to be transitory, residing in the house for anywhere from a few days to a few years.


Although not the largest estate in the Inner Circle, Dosui ni Arimo is certainly one of the most highly regarded. Shrouded by lavish, wooded grounds, the house is set to the back of the property, invisible from the gate. The original structure was built in [DATE] by [ARCHITECT], consisting of a three-story rectangular stone edifice with a squat wing stretching behind it on the left. A symmetrical wing was added on the other side in [DATE], and both wings were extended to their current length by [DATE], although the additions are only two stories high and demonstrate a distinct architectural shift.

Behind the main house, cradled within the arms of the two wings, is a large, carefully-maintained private garden and shrine. Though not permanently staffed, itinerant priests are frequently hired for family ceremonies and cleansings.

Tours of the property are available on a limited basis, though they only explore the front gardens and do not enter the house itself.